My Portfolio

Here are some of the projects I've worked on:

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Mobile Ordering System

A comprehensive mobile ordering system for restaurants, allowing customers to order from their mobile devices. Features include order tracking, payment processing utilizing Stripe API, and integration with existing POS systems.

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Kiosk Application

An interactive kiosk application designed for retail stores to enhance customer experience. It provides product information, store navigation, and self-checkout features.

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Web Digital Signage

Our web digital signage solution displays videos and animations in a loop, featuring a dynamically generated menu that allows you to update, remove, and add flavors, pictures, videos, and descriptions seamlessly.

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Inventory System for P&S Ravioli

The inventory management system for P&S Ravioli offers advanced features for efficient inventory control. Users can view and search inventory with various filters to narrow down results and manage items by route, updating item statuses easily. The system includes progress tracking for individual items and stores, providing real-time updates.

It features a catalog view of all items sold, with dynamically generated UPC barcodes, and allows users to attach and retrieve images for each store. All inventory values are quickly editable, with changes saved in real-time to our Firestore database.

Additionally, the system provides quick stats on the main page and detailed overviews with graphs and charts. Users can generate PDF reports of inventory quantities by store, and secure authentication ensures user data is protected.

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Order Manager

Our order manager integrates seamlessly with our mobile app, providing a streamlined system for managing orders. It allows you to queue and complete orders efficiently, update order status in real-time, and synchronize with customer details from the mobile app.

API Integrations: Stripe and Google Maps

Integrated Stripe API for secure payment processing and Google Maps API for location-based services. Enabled seamless transactions and interactive maps.

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Video Training Web App

Our video training web app allows users to log in and complete video training sessions. It tracks progress and saves completion statuses, sending an email notification upon completion of each training module.

Inventory Management System

A robust inventory management system that helps businesses keep track of their stock levels, manage orders, and generate reports. It includes features like real-time stock updates, low stock alerts, and multi-location support.

Web Application for Dolce Vita Gelateria

A web application for Dolce Vita Gelateria that allows customers to place orders directly from their tables or cars. It includes a user-friendly interface with images, descriptions, and an order status tracker.

Onsite Invoice Generator & Payment System

An onsite invoice generator and payment system for service providers to create invoices, accept payments, and send receipts to customers. It includes features like invoice customization, payment processing, email notifications, preset and custome prices.